Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

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   Hot summer days with a feeling of their end soon coming. A different smell in the air, cooler nights and mornings, the fair is near. For my childhood, the fair ranked closely behind Christmas and hunting season at my Grandparents farm. Knowing the excitement of the fair week, Grandma Gallaher always pulled together a couple easy short tasksContinue reading “FAIR WEEK”

Birthday Memories

(I wrote of this memory a few years ago, but here it is, another year in the books). Well, I am another year older. My age sounds impossible (at least to me)….. 46 years!!  Where does the time go???…………………. One thing, it has been 46 years of great memory creating times. I am so thankfulContinue reading “Birthday Memories”

Veterans Memorial

Berwinsdale, Pennsylvania     Being born and raised in Berwinsdale, I have always been amazed and interested in our small backwoods town’s Memorial, as well as many other small town treasures that I will dig into at some other time. For today, I will stick with the small town treasure time travel button of the “Vets Memorial”Continue reading “Veterans Memorial”

Sled Riding

   An old arc light shedding light out over a snow covered hill. The light was at the end of my Grandparents driveway. Their house was directly on top of that hill, within earshot of our house sitting only a couple hundred yards below the hill. When I was a kid, that old light was likeContinue reading “Sled Riding”


  Too many unknowns, and uncertainties causing way too much stress and division in this world. It’s a good time to shut the social media off for a bit, turn off the TV, and put down the newspaper and relive some memories. Take time and create some new ones, dig into your memory vault of simplerContinue reading “Blessings”

Sunrises and Sunsets

   I love a good sunrise, and a good sunset. I see more sunsets, just because I am not a morning person. However, when I am up and get the opportunity to watch God paint the sky with awakening beauty, I am in awe. The darkened night time sky starts to revive as the soft glowContinue reading “Sunrises and Sunsets”

Rudolph Night

   Last night was a great night, “Rudolph Night”, reliving great memories, and the creating new ones. Everyday I think more about creating opportunities and continuing traditions that not only give me a great trip down memory lane, but provide a spot in time that my Wife and kids, mother, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews willContinue reading “Rudolph Night”

Back In Time

Dealing with some health problems and pain a lot of times makes my emotions race, and then my memories flood, I reflect on memories everyday, it is a great medicine.    I could go on and on about fall, it is my favorite time of the year. The colors hand painted by God himself overtaking everyContinue reading “Back In Time”

Fear and Worry

  Just sitting here tonight still dealing with asthma, pneumonia, and intensified nephropathy pain issues from this nasty, evil corona-virus. A bunch of things going on in my mind can easily set me into worry mode. I think it’s something we all do being human, but it is a nasty tool satan uses to stealContinue reading “Fear and Worry”

Childhood Christmas

 I have been thinking a lot about Christmases as a kid, and hope that my kids will treasure their memories of Christmas like I have.  There is magic in Christmas as a kid.  From weeks before, and to what seemed to last until January 2nd.      I have written about memories at the farm and huntingContinue reading “Childhood Christmas”

Merry Christmas

   I haven’t “Quit” this blog writing interest of mine, life has just thrown a few curve balls lately that have consumed my thoughts and my time. These curve balls of life have really hit me lately, causing a flooded mind, flooded with thankfulness.    I am currently on the winning end battle from a very scaryContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Simple Sundays

   Sitting in my chair, Zynex Nexwave shocking my hand in electrified treatment while watching an old childhood favorite “The Christmas Story”. Snow is falling slowly and softly outside of our living room window putting a light white covering on the fields, trees, and Rhododendrons, ushering in the Thanksgiving and Christmastime feeling. It’s a simple Sunday. Continue reading “Simple Sundays”


  Too many unknowns, and uncertainties causing way too much stress and division in this world. It’s a good time to shut the social media off for a bit, turn off the TV, and put down the newspaper and relive some memories. Take time and create some new ones, dig into your memory vault of simplerContinue reading “Blessings”

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Wild America

  If I could go back in time, tonight I would be sitting with Grandma and Grandpap, in the “family farmhouse” kitchen, watching Wild America with Marty Stouffer, on PBS channel 3. Grandpap would be sitting at the edge of his aged wooden bench, in arms reach of his cup of coffee sitting on a coffeeContinue reading “Wild America”


  People look at you, and think you’re fine, they will look at you with a look of doubt when they see you walking with a cane, or question why it is that you do not work anymore, or why you cannot sit still, and their expressions tell you their thoughts. Your outsides look fine, theContinue reading “Neuropathy”


    I can still remember the softness in their hands. You could see the wear that time had given from a lifetime of working. But so wonderful, to think of how many tears these hands have wiped away, how many times they waved hello, and goodbye. How many times they cradled your cheeks for a kissContinue reading “Hands”

Truck Pulls

  Getting out of the shower after a hot summer August day, putting on my best blue jeans, sweatshirt held under my arm, knowing the evening air was starting to cool. Mom called into the room “Uncle Earl is here”. It was “truck pulls’ ‘ night!! Uncle Earl would load us boys into the back ofContinue reading “Truck Pulls”

Breakfast With Mom

How would you describe in words, a breakfast date with your Mother? Recently, my Mother and I got the time to enjoy breakfast together at Josie’s Restaurant in Coalport. Mom and I do not get a lot of time for just her and I to sit and talk, so the value of this day for meContinue reading “Breakfast With Mom”

Turkey Hunt

   Springtime 2012,  I had been working 3rd shift, after a long night of working, making plans in my head all night for a morning turkey hunt. I had just made it home in time, to get my son (Ian) awake, get dressed into our camouflage hunting clothes, load our guns, snacks, and other hunting gear,Continue reading “Turkey Hunt”

My Moment, Our Moment

  What are your favorite memories of times past? How often do you replay them in your mind? I spend so much time in my vault of memories. I have so many that I can’t seem to put into words, even though I can replay them in my mind with a crystal clear clarity with sights,Continue reading “My Moment, Our Moment”

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