My Moment, Our Moment

  What are your favorite memories of times past? How often do you replay them in your mind? I spend so much time in my vault of memories. I have so many that I can’t seem to put into words, even though I can replay them in my mind with a crystal clear clarity with sights, smells, sounds, voices, tastes, and feelings. And some are just short moments, without a recollection, of time or other events of the time, but still written into my mind, and stored in my vault. 

  I again will say how thankful I am for the ability to retain memories, I don’t think one ever loses the ability to replay memories, with age, and health issues we may lose the ability to share our memories verbally, but I believe, we still will be able to visit these times in our mind, and hearts. 

  Memories take us to times, simpler times, harder times, and all the times, and things that have made us who we are, and where we have been.  A great memory can be just a brief moment, of a much bigger story. We may remember the entire day, week, or time, but that brief moment can be just the time needed to visit for the entire memory, at times when we need it most, like a time traveling medicine.  

   I go back to July 3rd, 1999. All of our family and friends gathered at a small country church, Roseland Christian Fellowship. They gathered there after accepting an invitation from what Sara and I had thought of, reviewed, and discussed with each other about everyone dear to us, names written in a spiral bound notebook. These names, then hand written onto invites, and sent out by the small-town Glasgow post office. This is a first impression of memories, and new ones to begin, with ones brought together from two different lives, coming together to make one.

   Sara and I would be joining through marriage an entire new family, and friends. This day for some, was our first day meeting each other, and others we had just met in the weeks or months leading up to our day.

   So back to the church, I stood in a small back room of the church with my Dad, my Brother, and our pastor. I was trying to be very limited in my movement, as the excitement, and the July heat were creating a sweat, and I did not want to look like I had just swam there when walking past the chairs filled by family and friends.

   Now standing at the front of the church, supported by all of my groomsmen lined up behind me, ones that had my back no matter what, there to support me and my decision to start the next step in my life, the biggest and best one. The music started, I stared to the back of the church, seeing Sara and her Dad climb the steps, getting closer to the moment of starting our life together. Once they reached the top of the steps, looking at Sara standing there, ready to walk slowly over flower pedals, to take my hand….. I’m not sure if they paused, or if I just stopped time for a moment. That was the most beautiful sight in all my life, nothing has compared to that moment. I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of my very soon to be wife, that I had to fight back tears. She was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Now she was standing face to face with me. This moment had a dream-like feeling, the heat, the sweating, and everyone filling the chairs, had gone away, it was just Sara and I, looking into each other’s eyes. Telling each other how much we loved each other, without saying a word. At one point, a tear ran down Sara’s cheek, I reached up, and no words can explain the feeling inside me, as I wiped away her tear.

That is the moment, the moment for me that tells the entire story, the moment that I will never lose, the love in her eyes, the softness of her cheek, the feeling of her tear on my thumb…… the start of our “Till death, do us part”, that is my moment, of a beautiful, longer story of our wedding day. 

  I am so thankful for memories, and moments. Life can get in the way, it can be hard, jobs, schedules, health, pain, money, and many other things can clutter up in front of the door to your memory vault, push that stuff aside, open the door, and replay your moment, replay your day. I have been replaying my moment, pushing life aside, pushing not feeling well aside, and trying to let my beautiful bride, who shared that moment with me, at the start of our story know that I love her more everyday.

Tim Gallaher

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14 (ESV)

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