Breakfast With Mom

How would you describe in words, a breakfast date with your Mother? Recently, my Mother and I got the time to enjoy breakfast together at Josie’s Restaurant in Coalport. Mom and I do not get a lot of time for just her and I to sit and talk, so the value of this day for me was priceless. It’s one of those moments, one that words can’t really explain how great, and treasured a simple breakfast like this sets into my being. 

  Once picking her up, the short drive to Coalport We laugh, we talk, I complain, Mom listens. The delicateness of my Mother, everything from her laughs, her attention to me talking, complaining, the radiating, almost visible care that surrounds her, and her laughs, bring my Gram’s memory right back to me like an awakening baptism in ice cold water.  The similarity in angelic mother/grandmother-like fruits of the spirit between the two is like comparing two finely cut diamonds, two very different, but yet almost mirrored in image, being priceless to the ones blessed enough to have had them in their presence. Everything from mom’s walk from the car, up the steps to the small town belly filling gathering spot, heading in the direction for our memory creating morning trip, to how she carries her purse, to her heart filled prayer of love to her savior, for blessings and protection for of all her family, and a tear filled thanks for the time we get to share together at this simple short moment in a small wooden booth, eating plates filled with cream chipped beef, and eggs while sipping at our sweet tea, and coffee. 

  Talking concern and prayers for ones struggling, smiling while sharing things going well with blessing from a Faithful God. Sharing tears, laughs and smiles while reliving memories together in that small place-mat covered side booth table, while our ears take in the sounds of others brought together for a plate filled with the daily special, and a steaming cup of awakening morning coffee to enjoy on their morning trip of memories. Tears and laughs shared while reliving family trips, family struggles, and even airport goodbyes. Sharing and living all the people, places and things that have brought us together for this soul cleansing, priceless, now stored in my memory vault

“Breakfast with Mom”

Tim Gallaher

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