Wild America

  If I could go back in time, tonight I would be sitting with Grandma and Grandpap, in the “family farmhouse” kitchen, watching Wild America with Marty Stouffer, on PBS channel 3. Grandpap would be sitting at the edge of his aged wooden bench, in arms reach of his cup of coffee sitting on a coffee stained folded napkin coaster. While Gram scampered around the kitchen, completing evening tasks, and occasionally stopping to sit behind Grandpap on the bench, to enjoy a few minutes of Marty taking us out of the kitchen, through the TV perched on top of an old generation worn Ice Box heirloom, and into a far away, beautiful spot in nature with an adventure in “Wild America”, from one of the greatest places on earth, Grams kitchen, and the farmhouse.  I miss those two, and the time in that house more than anyone will ever know.


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