Too many unknowns, and uncertainties causing way too much stress and division in this world. It’s a good time to shut the social media off for a bit, turn off the TV, and put down the newspaper and relive some memories. Take time and create some new ones, dig into your memory vault of simpler times and share them with your family, friends, or anyone. Think about those times and the little or big things that made them great. 

  For me it’s like pushing a time traveling button. For me that button can be something as simple as a small steaming pile of buttery potatoes, crowding themselves into my ketchup covered meatloaf. All sitting together on a white plate with gold leaf like trim in a vine-like pattern the entire way around the outer edge of my aroma radiating suppertime plate at my Grandma Gallahers. 

  That’s all it takes, and just in that moment everything else fades away for a short time and I’m taken right back…..

Grandpap sitting in his recliner, placed right in front of his hilltop window, overlooking Berwinsdale. Just watching out over the town with the occasional elbow lean to the left, to spit his tobacco juice with marksman-like accuracy into an old, tarnished brass spittoon hidden between his recliner and the wall directly under his observation window. He would sit in his chair, laughing and talking about the events of his day, whether it be working on his snowblower, or stories of cars trying to climb the snow covered township road leading past his window, and the details to their failed attempts. Conversations with him often turned into memories that he treasured from years ago, and loved to tell them with a spark in his eye. 

   I can still hear the sound of dishes, and silverware clattering together as Gram would be pulling them from the large wooden keepsake corner cabinet, and laying them out in perfect order around the dining room table that was covered in a plastic-like red and white checkered tablecloth. I sat directly facing Grandpap in “Grandma’s” glider chair while traveling back in time with Grandpap. 

   The smell of meatloaf passing through my nose as Gram was setting it in the middle of the table was like ringing a dinner bell, I knew it was time to take my place at the table. Grandpap would give another left lean and spit his tobacco out and then would take his seat at the table. He would then add a little milk to a steaming cup of coffee, give it a little stir, and cautiously take a sip from the steaming cup. 

  Everything now in place, Gram would sit down at the end of the prepared table, usually laughing a bit and commenting to me about something Grandpap had been telling me as she had overheard from the kitchen while preparing our supper. Heads now bowed Grandpap would give thanks and say the blessing, His Blessing. His blessing was a passed down keepsake, much like Grams corner cabinet. I never thought much about scripted, routine-like prayers, however the one used by Grandpap was the same every time, but every time he gave it was with a heartfelt sincere invitation and blessing.

            “Dear Heavenly Father, Be our guest, and let this food to us be blessed, Amen.”

 He passed this onto my Dad. Everytime I sit to eat with Mom and Dad, if Dad gives the blessing, It is the Keepsake gift left to him from his Dad, and it’s like Grandpap is sitting right there beside me. 

   Blessing now said, Gram would scoop into the steaming bowl of buttery potatoes and place a pile of them on my plate. Grandpap would be buttering his bread, while getting back to telling stories that would have Gram and I giggling as she cut me off a sliver of meatloaf and laid on my plate beside my potatoes. 

  The rest of the time at the dinner table was definitely blessed. Any stresses that I may have had back then would completely leave my mind for the entire time I spent with these two. It brightened my days, and took up a shelf in my memory vault. Perfect to take out and replay anytime to get away from things going on in this world today. And all I had to do was push that small buttery potato time traveling button, and It took me right back like I was sitting right there with all the smells, sounds, tastes and feelings. 

   A lot of things are crumbling in this world, and I think everyone is feeling it. Our kids feel uncertainty more than we ever imagined when we were their age. Hit the pause button, ask our Heavenly Father to be your guest. Share some good memories and laughs. When God is invited into our lives, much like Grandpap inviting him to his dinner table, problems will fade, and blessings will overflow. 

   What takes you back? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear what one of your memory buttons are, and where it takes you.


The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Psalm 145:18 ESV

7 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Great read Tim. I felt like I was in the kitchen too! May the Lord bless you…seems like love was felt along with special memories . There is nothing like family…

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  2. Tim, I loved this one–especially the blessing. I may steal it, if that’s okay. Smells activate memories for me, too…the smell of a roasting turkey, Christmas cookies…even the faint smell of cow manure in the air (your Grandpap called this the “sweet essence of springtime.”). Good memories are such a blessing in our lives! 🙂

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