Simple Sundays

   Sitting in my chair, Zynex Nexwave shocking my hand in electrified treatment while watching an old childhood favorite “The Christmas Story”. Snow is falling slowly and softly outside of our living room window putting a light white covering on the fields, trees, and Rhododendrons, ushering in the Thanksgiving and Christmastime feeling. It’s a simple Sunday. 

   As I sit enjoying the comfort of my recliner, just like my Dad would be doing on a simple Sunday in my childhood years. Sitting here, appreciating the natural gas fed heat as we go into our first Holiday season in our new home. 

   Sara is in the kitchen preparing roast chicken for lunch. The sounds of preparation, and the smells radiating from the roaster float into the living room and kick open the door to my memory vault. It starts the replay memories of Mom preparing a simple Sunday family lunch as Dad would be dozing off in his recliner. TV quietly casting out an old Holiday favorite in the background of the simple Sunday quietness. Us kids would be sitting around quietly watching the TV, waiting for Mom to call out “Lunch is ready”. Life was worry free on these simple Sundays. 

   The smells, sounds and the entire atmosphere of today are very reminiscent of simple Sundays as a kid (minus the nerve stimulation treatments on my hurting body). My kids are sitting around quietly, watching TV and enjoying a simple day, a day of rest, a simple Sunday with family.

   Sara just called out into the living room “Lunch is ready”……….. So, I gotta go. 

    Think back, replay those memories, even just the littlest simplest ones can take you on an amazing journey, it also awakens you to the fact those same kind of memories are still being created in yourself, and the ones around you.  

   Simple Sundays


And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


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