“History Hayride” Kerrmoor, Pa

Sketches In Time

Article By Jane Elling

Kerrmoor PA 1890

   After looking through some old family photo albums, and “Clippings”, here is an updated post. This will answer questions, and back up the original photo that I had posted as “Kerrmoor, PA” that raised a lot of questions that I could not answer.

Progress article with the “Kerrmoor” picture that I had found the original while looking through old family photo albums, and “Clippings”

So here, you can enjoy a “History Hayride” in Kerrmoor, PA. 

From “Sketches In Time”, by Jane Elling.

I hope you have enjoyed this “History Hayride” as much as I have. I love finding things that can give us a small time travel button to push for a glimpse back in time. 

Tim Gallaher

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