Veterans Memorial

Berwinsdale, Pennsylvania

    Being born and raised in Berwinsdale, I have always been amazed and interested in our small backwoods town’s Memorial, as well as many other small town treasures that I will dig into at some other time. For today, I will stick with the small town treasure time travel button of the “Vets Memorial” erected somewhere around 1960.

Berwinsdale Veterans Memorial from family photos

   It is strategically placed in the center of town, proudly displaying small town values, and a tribute of respect to ones that have served to protect things like our small town, and the freedoms we enjoy everyday. I waited many mornings at that monument, waiting for the school bus, as this location was the “Berwinsdale” bus stop. Being placed at the end of an old railroad bed, I had also enjoyed many humid, sun warmed summers, riding my pedal bike around this sacred history representing spot. 

    Years ago a couple disrespectful thugs had stolen the original hand carved stone eagle that was placed on top of the monument. Even as a teen, this disgusted and angered me at the lack of respect, and ignorance some have for such a treasured thankful displays of who we are, where we came from, and the tribute to ones that risked everything to keep us and our ways of life safe.

   The eagle had been replaced, and stands perched on top of the monument in a display that I see of Majestic freedom, and protection. 

   Several articles have been written in the progress that I have found, giving details to the location, the construction, and the history of this small town historical site. While looking through family photos, and clippings I have found a few articles, as well as original pictures from the “Ceremony” unveiling of this meaningful, loved, representation of freedom, and our non-repayable thankfulness to the ones that gave everything, many from our small local towns. The importance of this still angers me to the disrespectful trash that felt the need to disrespect this site, and what it stands for by stealing the freedom representing, time treasured, hand carved eagle perched on top. It was just a piece of stone, shaped by a vision, laid out in stone by a sweat covered brow talented person knowing and understanding the importance of freedom, and respecting those that this monument would stand for.  

I greatly appreciate the time that my childhood neighbors took to tend to this grateful small spot in our town, and still continue to do so. 

    I will not need to go into the details of this chosen spot, and the events leading to the erection of this memorial/monument, after finding what I consider family passed down treasures from progress clippings, to original pictures taken, I will share these so everyone reading can take a small time travel, and look back at the work and dedication, and details behind the “Veterans Memorial” in the great small town of “Berwinsdale”. 

“A View From Berwinsdale” by Dianne Byers from years ago. Another one found in Grandma’s clippings.

   I am so thankful for growing up in “Small Town America” Berwinsdale, Pennsylvania. And so thankful for times before I was born, when so many people paid respect, and Honor in big ways, in such small places, leaving behind time travel pause buttons that can take us back and remind us of where we came from, who we are, and grateful thanks to the ones that served and fought paving the path of freedom that we go down everyday. 

Tim Gallaher

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