A little bit about myself

  I am 45 years old, Married to the Love of my life and together we have 3 amazing kids. I have worked and have held steady jobs since I was 16, with my most recent positions being a Terminal Manager for a waste hauler in NH, PA, and TX. Then I moved onto an Operations Manager position for a Fluids hauler in the PA shale gas play. Until the bottom dropped out of the boom here in PA and the need for trucking was cut by around 70 or 80 percent. So then I moved on to something completely different, and accepted a position as a Plant Supervisor in a yogurt producing facility. I held this position until around 3 years ago when my daily pain made me feel like I was going to die on a daily basis. Around 10 years ago, or so, I started to notice problems with my feet, legs, hands, and arms. Burning painful numbness that would not go away, and was progressively only getting worse.  After seeing Neurologists in Hershey PA, several in Pittsburgh PA, Williamsport PA, Dubois PA, and my family doctor, they made the decision to put me off work due to the limited functionality brought on by life changing pain.

 Concerned about what the future held prior to the Doctors putting me off work, and the mounting medical bills we decided to sell our house and move into an apartment on the bottom level of my sisters home. The months following this decision had a huge negative impact on my entire family. However, this turned out to be a good decision when I could no longer return to work and my position was terminated.

  So this is where I began to really dig into my memory bank. Looking back into my mind to much simpler pain free times. This was, and is like a great medicine for me. It helped me get through days that I felt as if I could go no longer. As I started to write some of my memories down, I found that even though I am not a writer, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are not something I know, nor am I good at… But I love to write about memories, and love to share them.

Since this time my wife completed nursing school, and is now employed full-time as an LPN. She is an amazing caring nurse that has worked very hard and still continues too, to get us back on our feet. We have now purchased a home in the country with 18 acres to enjoy creating new memories with each other.

That all brings me to today, starting my own blog. Sitting here, knowing I have a mountain of tasks that I should be able to do, but physically I cannot. I Wishing I was still punched in somewhere, earning a good living and supporting my family like a man should be able to do. However, what I want or wanted is different from what God wanted for me. Even in dealing with pain, and financial struggles, God has shown me the blessing of more time with my family.

So I found this writing thing, and love it. I love memories. For me, it takes me from a struggling pain induced depressing day, and transports me back to good old days, and times that I had no idea then how important they would be to me today. Maybe you are battling something, and maybe reading one of my memories will spur your mind to dig into your memory bank for a little memory medicine. Hopefully you will enjoy reading some of my memories, and enjoy them as if you were right there with me.

 I am so thankful that God gave us the ability to retain, and replay memories at any time. I am also so very, very thankful for my Beautiful, hardworking, supportive bride and the 3 wonderful kids we have together. .

  Tim Gallaher

Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV

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